Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dismal Swamp trail, sleeping in, and batteries

Well, we decided to finally check out the northern entrance for the Dismal Swamp canal trail. It was alright, I mean it was beautiful scenery. But we weren't a fan of the paved trail-- we're more of "dirt trail" kind of people :) Aubree had a great time, though, and kept stopping to check out plants on the sides of the path.

There was also a bunch of gorgeous plant life and a TON of butterflies! I wasn't able to get a picture of the butterflies, but Aubree loved watching them-- I think it reminded her of the Butterfly Pavilion back in Colorado.

Here's a flower we came across:

And a plant with berries

Yesterday was a very, very, very long and trying day, so I was wiped! Luckily, I have an incredible husband who let me sleep in (until 11:30am! oh, sweet luxury! I haven't done that in...well...since I had Aubree), so here's a picture that he took during their morning together (don't mind the boxes in the background-- we just got a few things for the kitchen):

And then we did this a couple of weeks ago, but I forgot to share about it-- when we've bought batteries, we always kept them in the opened packs in our junk drawer, so it was kind of tacky-looking and wasted a lot of space. Well, I figured that they'd work a lot better stored in a case of some sort, so we picked up a pencil case from Target and voila! Much nicer!

Another simple thing marked off of the check list and organized :)

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