Saturday, May 11, 2013

Table and felt board

So we finally got Aubs her own table to work at and she is OBSESSED with the chairs. She is always moving them around, climbing into them, tipping them over, etc.

Pictures of the Baubster in action.

We also got her a felt board with a set of farm felt figures-- the sets are only ten bucks, so it's not too hard to acquire a few of them :) Baubs loves stickers, so this is a great alternative that WON'T stick to our furniture haha. I'm actually going to permanently convert a cork board to a flannel board, but for now, we just push the fridge magnets up and use the fridge. Works great and she was thrilled.

Another fun day :) Mother's Day tomorrow (not sure what we're doing! I guess it's a surprise?), then we'll start A week on Monday, so I'll post pictures of stuff as we do it. Should be awesome!


  1. I remember felt boards from growing up. We had them at the daycare I was at and they went to books that we had. So like Old McDonald, The lady who swallowed a spider. ETC I think that would be fun too

  2. See, I don't ever remember having them, but they're awesome! We are totally doing an Old lady who swallowed a spider unit :) !