Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Aubree meets the mountains

So again while we were visiting our family, we went up to the mountains and introduced Aubree to snow. We own an Ergo performance (which is freaking awesome), but I went one step further and got a babywearing jacket (http://www.suseskinder.com/deluxekindercoat.htm). This thing is AMAZING. Like, it legitimately made my life SO much easier in bad weather. Raining, snowing, whatever. This thing has attachable hoods, a detachable fleece liner (both in the jacket itself and separate detachable liners in the infant and parent's hoods), a zip-in insert to compensate for the baby so that you can take it OUT and wear it without looking like you're wearing you just lost a few hundred pounds. The entire jacket is just FABULOUS quality. I am just...I'm gushing, I know. But it's THAT GOOD.

Anyways, the snow pictures.

This is where my husband and I had our first kiss, where we officially started dating, and where he proposed. It's a special place for us (we're very outdoorsy and a bit hermit-y, so we liked that it was away from everything), so we wanted to share it with Aubs.

Aubs and I (in the amazing Kindercoat)

The three of inside during a snowstorm

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