Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sensory bags

So I came across this AWESOME blog, Growing a Jeweled Rose. Wow! What a great blog. I LOVED it-- so full of fun, interactive ideas :) I came to this one and just had to do it-- http://www.growingajeweledrose.com/2012/07/fun-with-sensory-bags.html

So here are two of our sensory bags, the shimmery confetti one (lesson learned-- do NOT buy confetti with sharp corners-- it will tear holes in the bag every time; buy confetti with rounded edges) and the alphabet one. I put duct tape on the edges (like this: http://www.plainvanillamom.com/2012/04/sensory-bag-for-baby.html) so that it was pretty well-sealed. I did NOT want gooey stuff all over my carpet, mostly because I am far too lazy to clean it up. Aubree LOOOOOVED these. She'll bring them over to me and have me squish them around for her to look at the parts inside moving around, then imitate me and squish it herself. She really loves seeing the different letters in the alphabet soup one!

I may be doing the beach one tomorrow-- I have the shells, sand, gel, and food coloring, but I ran out of bags today doing rainbow rice (one of the next posts). If I end up motivated enough to go get gallon bags, I'll make it and post it. If not, meh. Another time.

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