Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Trip to Northwest River Park

We are almost always hiking or out doing something, so there will probably be quite a few posts like this one over the course of the summer...and fall...and winter and spring. We hit up Northwest River Park, which is one of our favorite local parks to hike at.

Learning big stick versus little stick

Impromptu math lesson-- counting sticks

One, two, three...

Found a seed pod from a tree!

Found an awesome stick!
She has rhythm sticks at home, so she was trying to rub these to make the sound :)

So excited to share her new discovery with me

Aubree brought Daddy a flower, so he obliged and wore it for her-- he's such a big softie for his girls.

Aubree is totally an outdoors kid-- it's a relief for Scott and I, because we're so outdoorsy ourselves. It really takes the stress level down for accommodating her when we want to go out. Anyways, another awesome trip in the books.

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