Friday, April 12, 2013


Ah, it's finally April! We went ahead and bought most of our flowers and herbs for the season yesterday, so I potted them today. I have NEVER gardened before, ever. I killed everything, even cacti growing up, so I just gave up and resigned myself to a life of grass yards. Well, I figured what the heck, I'm in my twenties now. Why not give it a shot?

The big haul


Bleeding hearts and some begonias. I have wanted bleeding hearts ever since my grandmother had them in her garden when I was a kid. I thought that they were beautiful, magical, and terribly romantic. I'm so excited to finally have some!

Hot pink gerber daisies about to bloom!

A cute leafy plant and some more begonias for inside

A couple of herbs-- I use these all the time cooking, so I figured why not just grow my own?

Arranged on the porch

On the sill outside

Then we had play gardening! (Rice from here.)

The set up

Then I showed it to Aubs, who dove right in :)

Snack break!
Ready to go again!

Offering me the flowers

This activity was so colorful and fun :) Definitely a spring staple!


  1. For sure! She was so into the texture of the rice :) And it was super easy to make too.